HOW refreshing to read so many letters in last week’s postbag from people who enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations. And what a contrast to the catalogue of moans and groans from your other correspondents.

No less than five letters mentioned car parking - a battle which I thought had been fought and won a year ago.

Surely we now have a broadly sensible policy of affordable short-term parking in the centre, subsidised low-cost long-term park & ride on the periphery, together with the best we can afford by way of public transport and cycle lanes?

Anything else leads to gridlock and more pollution.

Free car parking in the centre is no more realistic than “free beer for all the workers”.

No decent children’s clothes shops in Salisbury? I can think of three department stores, four other multiple retailers, three specialist children’s shops and two discount shops, not to mention the market. Surely, these must have something to suit most people?

The “over-priced coffee shops” seem to stay open and thrive throughout the year, paying business rates and providing jobs. For something less expensive, there must be half a dozen cafes in lower price ranges.

We in Salisbury have recently enjoyed St George’s Day, the Queen’s visit, the Jubilee celebrations, an outstanding Arts Festival, and we are looking forward to the Olympic Torch relay.

Later, we have the Food and Drink Festival and the annual fair, before going on to the Christmas festivities. All this is set in a beautiful city with live theatre, good schools, low unemployment and a relatively high occupancy of shop premises.

So come on all you Jeremiahs, enjoy what Salisbury has to offer, stop whingeing, and make your constructive contribution towards shaping our future.


THE Jubilee celebrations began in Wilton on May 31. The idea was suggested months ago by The Caretakers of Wilton Community Centre, Dave and June Findley.

“Why not a tea party for our older residents?”

they said. “Let’s ask special people like Sue and Bede Cooper as well as many other familiar faces from Wilton past and present.”

Special invitations were made and sent out.

The organisational skills of June and Dave were impressive.

The mayor came along and sang with us. Rev Mark Wood led us all in a prayer before we started to eat the goodies.

Our Wilton Thursday Club had cut piles of material for bunting and the Quilters and Joyce joined many metres of cut fabric together.

Pauline made 80 beautiful presentation boxes with 2012 Jubilee coins as gifts while others made cakes and quiches. And June rallied a team of sandwich makers and washers up. We had jelly and ice cream and toasts and “hip hip hoorays” for our Queen made by Richard Fawcus, the chairman of the Thursday Club.

We were entertained by Jim Driscoll, and Gary Nunn arrived resplendent in red white and blue to add to the fun. We also had Earle playing the piano (what a voice!) and encouraging us all to sing along.

The hall was decorated and volunteers laid a magnificent table for 80 with union flags on anything and everything. We chatted to people we had only known by sight but who we now felt were friends. The clearing-up was done with many more helpers and we all left tired but smiling and proud of Wilton and especially of Dave and June for their extraordinary commitment to us all in our town.

ALICE PYMBLE (Thursday Club volunteer)