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Seeing Gilberto Gil at the Albert Hall was a moving experience

Like everyone, I’ve watched the unfolding events in the Middle East with shock and horror. It’s difficult to know what to say without sounding trite, but just because I’m not writing about it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it, and especially those caught up in such a desperate situation.

Column Word up: Getting to the truth between a Wordle and a prime minister

Monday morning, as usual, started with a cup of tea and the word guessing game, Wordle. My starter word, for those who are interested, is always Stear. On Monday, that only gave me a T and R in the wrong place. My second guess, Trick, got them in the right place, but no other letters. I then went Trump, which gave me a U (this is going somewhere, I promise). My fourth guess, Truly, got me no further. It was only after a lot of head scratching that I got the day’s word on the fifth go. Truth.