A SALISBURY chef has picked up top tips from some of the biggest names in the curry industry.

Tohur Ali, who runs the Shah Jahan restaurant in South Western Road, was one of more than 200 chefs and restaurant managers who attended a special culinary workshop in London where experts shared their secrets for success.

Speakers included pioneers of modern day Indian cuisine such as Vivek Singh, husband and wife team Mehernosh and Sherin Mody, who run Le Porte des Indes in London’s West End, and Michelin starred Dominic Chapman. Topics included how to make savings without compromising on quality and standards, turning tasty meals into artistic presentations and steps needed to increase sales.

Mr Tohur said: “I have been head chef at our restaurant for five years, but I am always learning.

Diners are a lot more knowledgeable nowadays and we have to meet that demand by raising our own game and accommodating their tastes.

“People expect more from their money in terms of quality of food and dining experience and everyone is a lot more health conscious which has to be increasingly accommodated on the menu.”