TINTOMETER Ltd has broken the ground on its new three-acre site in Solstice Park, Amesbury.

The group, which designs, manufactures and sells water analysis and colour measurement equipment and reagents, feared it could be hard to start the build as the first morning the sky was black, wind was raging and rain was lashing the windows.

The company decided to buy the land following rapid expansion over the last three years.

Chris Counsell, managing director of Tintometer Ltd, said: “This necessitated our occupying several independent units, which is not ideal.

“We were keen to stay in Amesbury, where the company employs over 65 people from the local area. This opportunity for land on Solstice Park was the perfect solution to bring the company back under one roof.”

Fortunately, after the unpromising start, the sun came finally out and Mr Counsell broke the ground.

He added: “Thanks to all the support we have received, we can now look forward to the next stage of this development.”