A HANDMADE chocolate company which launched a crowdfunding campaign to help its business grow smashed its target, raising more than £25,000.

Troffle, based in Bowerchalke, started in 2013 and grows as many of the ingredients that go into its patterned chocolates as possible.

In April the family-run company launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to raise £20,000 to spend on new equipment and take on more staff.

In total, it raised £25,345 with the support of fans up and down the country.

Founder Chris Bloor said: “Pretty chuffed is how we’re feeling right now.

“We are so grateful to everyone that supported us and are absolutely thrilled to bits that we hit – and then beat – our target. It means all our plans can now be put into practice. We’ve got an exciting time ahead.”

He added: “We’ve wanted to do more for so long. We want to grow more ingredients at home and we need a bigger team of people to be able to fulfil greater numbers of orders - now we can do it.”

Troffle uses single-origin chocolate, sourced from Tanzania, in all its recipes, paired with a variety of flavours, all sourced from the raw ingredients that are either grown at home or sourced from trusted suppliers.

The cream for all the recipes comes from the Jersey cows in the neighbouring farm.

People were invited to invest from as little as £1, all the way up to £1,000, in the business.

The money will now be invested in everything from seeds to greenhouses, polytunnels and watering cans as well as on recruiting extra staff.

In return, investors received a range of rewards by way of thanks, from boxes of Troffle chocolates through to the chance to being part of the company’s tasting club and trying new flavours before they launch.