Fuel shortages are easing in Salisbury, but disruption still persists in some BP and Shell garages.

Today (Monday, October 11), most petrol stations in and around Salisbury are mostly fine for petrol and/or diesel.

The situation in Salisbury

Both the Shell and BP garages on Wilton Road have petrol and diesel, as does Esso on Southampton Road.

An employee from Amesbury Filling Station said: "We're fine for fuel now. It's pretty much normal."

However, shortages still persist in a few forecourts.

BP on Downton Road has unleaded but no diesel, unsure of the next delivery.

Shell at Waitrose, Churchill Way West, has diesel but no unleaded.

BP on London Road is completely out of fuel.

The shortages nationally

On Friday (October 8), Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said that the country is at the “tail end” of the situation.

He said in “most parts of the country” problems have ended, and that London and the South East are the only two areas “where we’re seeing any continued problems”.

He told Sky News: “But even there we are starting to see supplies come through. I know the Army are plugging the gaps.”

He said compared with the “low point” around eight to 10 days ago, there is now “twice as much petrol” in forecourts.

He added: “I think we’re right at the tail end of this now.”

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