A new restaurant offering both a cafe and fish and chips will open in Longhedge tomorrow.

3 Guys, on Rhodes-Moorhouse Way, off the A345, will open its doors to customers for the first time at 2pm on Friday October 15 for fish and chips.

The restaurant will be run by three local men: Chad Lansdell, Kasun Wijesingha and Mathivannan Thiruchevam.

Owner and Salisbury resident Chad Lansdell says that one half of the restaurant is a fish and chip shop, and the other half a coffee shop with seating.

The 40-year-old has worked alongside his full-time job - at Tesco Express on Wilton Road - to transform the empty premises into a restaurant.

The renovations took a lot longer than expected: "It was just a building with a roof, concrete blocks inside, and the floor was concrete. The ceiling was just plasterboard.

"It was literally a concrete shell. No water, electricity or gas."

He says he has spent every evening after work, and three week's holiday, to renovate the retail unit, which involved transporting two tonnes of tiles in his car, making about eight trips through Salisbury.

Chad added that there is demand from locals in the village for a sit-down place to eat.

He said: "We have wanted to do something like this for a while and it was the ideal location - there is nothing between Amesbury and Castle Street food-wise other than the Harvester. Local residents need a cafe to sit down in."

Until the cafe side is open, fish and chips will be available from 2pm, which will then move to 4pm when the cafe is ready, although he says if the demand is there this may change.

There will also be sandwich fillings for customers to build their own freshly-made sandwiches, as well as pies, jacket potatoes, paninis, and real coffee.

3 Guys will open tomorrow at 2pm.

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