A new independent has taken over the premises Jones Bootmaker used to occupy on Salisbury High Street.

Bohemia, which sells sustainable clothes and furniture, opened on Wednesday (November 10) at 20 High Street.

Robbie Barrus, who lives Romsey, runs the business.

Bohemia is one of three local stores in a group. He opened Serisio in Brighton five years ago followed by Rosy Red in Chichester.

"I've had many shops, and spending many years in Brighton, you get wrapped up in the culture of sustainability, and that's the way my heart pushed me," he said.

"We are an ethical, sustainable company. We only use companies who use recycled products.

"Our retro furniture is made from old warships, recycled boats, doors, driftwood, and our clothing is from independent designers in Spain and Italy. The designers manufacture and copy furnitures from 1930s styles to 1970s styles.

"We go to shows and see these manufacturers and suppliers on these stands, and we ask where and how they source their products.

"When you buy a table that used to be a warship - or a piece of driftwood off the shores of India - it's quite exciting. It's not just a table; it used to be something else.

"It's not just a piece of furniture, it's a culture."

In the next few weeks, Mr Barrus hopes to open the floor upstairs as a furniture showroom, and Christmas stock is to be delivered this week.

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