A Salisbury care provider has held its first annual awards evening to celebrate the work of its staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

RedJacket Specialist Care, at Glenmore Business Park, Churchfields Industrial Estate, enjoyed an evening of celebrations on Saturday (November 20).

This included an awards ceremony, and the evening raised £250 for one of the company’s chosen charities, the Alzheimer’s Society.

RedJacket director, Jordan Towells, said: “As one of the founders of RedJacket, I will struggle to put into words how proud I am of where we are today.

“As a team, we have created a standard of care that many struggle to replicate.”

One of the team added: "As a carer, you are predominantly lone-working, unless in a care home setting of course, so to be able to put names to faces was amazing.

"We're all working together in some way or another so it makes you feel as if you're part of something much bigger. It definitely feels like one gigantic family."

RedJacket Specialist Care is a family run business set up in 2016.

The company offers life coaching, mental health support, and children’s services.

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