Most Salisbury residents seem to be happy to have face masks once again enforced in shops and on public transport.

The UK Government announced on Saturday that from 4am tomorrow (Tuesday, November 30), face coverings will once again be made mandatory in shops and on public transport in England.

This is a new measure being introduced to prevent the spread of the new Covid-19 variant, Omicron.

On social media, residents have been sharing their views on the latest law change announcement.

Many say they never stopped wearing their face mask, even when they became optional in public places from July 19.

One popular view in Salisbury is that the Government should never have relaxed the restrictions in the first place.

‘Let’s protect Christmas’

Ross King Payton commented on the Salisbury Journal Facebook post: “Mask up or get ill, no brainer really.”

Lauren Higton said: “I've continued to wear my mask in shops, it's such a small thing to do that makes a big difference.”

Paul Smith, owner of Vinyl Collectors and Sellers in Salisbury, said: “Pleased, especially when you are a shop owner in a small shop.

“I never stopped wearing them and thankfully most of my customers continued to wear them.”

Tamara Watt said: “Glad more people will be wearing one again. Especially when they're sat coughing and sneezing.”

Theo Hunt said: “Whatever it takes to protect Christmas this year let's do it.”

‘We need to get back to normal’

There is a minority of residents who disagree.

Hannah Hinton said: “Should be a choice. We need to get back to normal.”

Karl Plaskett said: “Masks promote fear, seems everyone prefers to live like frightened rabbits for the rest of their lives.

Peter Nagy said: “Would never wear one if not compulsory. I don't think it works and it is not normal to live your everyday life in a mask… My opinion is that people should have their own choice.”

Rita Peth added that the Government was adamant that masks are ineffective in preventing the spread at the start of the pandemic.

Aileen Garsden said: “I think it's ridiculous nonsense. It's either they are worn everywhere or not at all, why just shops and transport! I have don’t wear a mask, they are pointless and exacerbated my asthma to the point where I became very unwell.

“I won't be wearing this time around either so it'll be back to dirty looks for me.”

Asking customers to wear masks is ‘awkward’

Debbie Gooch of Chas H Baker said that the change of law will make trading simpler for the men’s clothing shop: “We are all for it. We wanted it to come in sooner, for the staff as well as the public.

“It will make it easier for the retailers because many people have been coming in without face masks and it was an awkward situation, especially if they needed measuring.

“We won’t measure without masks being worn, and the public can get quite funny when asked to put on a face mask.”

“It is a good thing,” added Orwani Bailey of Baileys of Salisbury. “We have been wearing masks.”

Hilary Davies of OSO Boutique said: “We are all in favour of the change in law. We continue to wear masks here and we invite people to do so.”

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