The changes to parking charges in the city are being described by residents as a “death knell” for a city that is already “on its knees”.

Residents who regularly come into Salisbury, taking advantage of free parking on Sundays or after 3pm in Culver Street, say they will be deterred from driving in and spending money, which is expected to have an impact on the city’s businesses.

This week, Wiltshire Council voted to increase car park charges all over the county.

This includes adding 10p per hour on every tariff, removing free parking after 3pm in Culver Street, and introducing charges for parking on Sundays and Blue Badge holders.

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Salisbury is already the most expensive place to park in all off-street car parks run by Wiltshire Council.

David Bushnell was one of many to voice concerns on social media.

“Expect to see a fall in shopping revenue as a result. That’s the usual outcome. More money for council, less for businesses,” he said.

Ben Bennett added: “All these things are signing a death knell for shops and traders. It’s killing the city and just playing into the hands of online retailers.

“Make parking free for a couple of hours and see footfall increase.

“The revenue generated will end up being far greater that an obvious direct cost for using the city and its facilities.”

Shopper Vanessa Lotz said that increases to parking charges will have an impact on businesses already struggling post-Novichok and the Covid pandemic.

“It feels like the complete opposite of what Salisbury needs. Salisbury is on its knees. Raising parking charges is not an incentive at all,” she said.

“I won’t be coming in on a Sunday if I have to pay or pay extra. I can’t see the point.

“It’s a shame because now it seems they are even driving the locals away.”

Speaking to the Journal, Salisbury man Darren Hill said that the city is “slowly killing itself”, and so more charges and taking away Sunday free parking “seems insane”.

“Everyone says it but just go elsewhere for shopping. Not good for Salisbury,” he said.

Lisa Norris said that there “isn’t much” to bring her to Salisbury from her home in Amesbury, but she does sometimes visit on Sundays when parking is free to wander around.

However, this will stop when charges are introduced .

“Once parking charges increase and are imposed on Sunday, visiting the city centre will be a rare event, especially when we don’t have the park and ride currently in use.

“I don’t visit Salisbury city very often. With Covid, like many people I shop online more often than not, but do find the parking rather expensive.

“In Andover, parking is free after 4pm, I’ve gone there in the past if I’ve needed anything.”

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