Disruption is expected across the Salisbury Reds network - with some journeys not operating at all.

The bus company has warned that some journeys will not be operating on the PR11, PR3, and PR7 services, and there is a reduced service on the R1, A8, X4 and P&R.

Live updates on Salisbury Reds bus disruption

On the R1, the 17.10, 18.40, 19.51 trips from Bemerton Heath and returning 17.58, 19.22 trip from District Hospital will not be operating.

On the X4, the 20.05, 22.05 trips from Blue Boar Row and returning 21.00, 23.00 trips from Larkhill will not be operating. The last trip to Salisbury will be the 22.00.

The R2 21.25, the R4 19.45, and the R5 21.00 and 23.00 services will not be operating this evening.

The R1 is also unable to stop between Olivier Close and Winding Way today (Monday, March 21) due to roadworks.

Some routes on the Activ8 and PR15 services have also been cancelled.

This is due to a high level of staff absences.

The company has apologised for any inconvenience caused.

This comes after the company announced it will temporarily reduce Park and Ride services from today.

Salisbury Reds says it has taken the "regrettable" decision to reduce timetables due to a shortage of drivers and a rise in Covid-19 cases in the business.

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