A popular city centre shop has now relocated to a new spot.

The eclectic Bohemia, offering sustainable goods and clothes, has moved from its position in High Street to Poultry Cross.

The business has taken over the vacant shop where Game previously was, at 15 Market Place near the Poultry Cross.

It reopened on March 26.

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Owner Robbie Barrus said he has had to reopen in the new location without power: "I have half-opened. As far as the interior is concerned, I am open, but I haven't opened as I would have liked.

"I am liking the new space. It has only been a week and a half, but I am very pleased. It has brightened up the square a bit."

He said he has been adding new product lines to suit the people of Salisbury: "I have expanded the range. There are new throws, cushions and funny cards. After being open in the High Street, I have a good idea of what people here like."

Bohemia initially opened at 20 High Street in November, but its lease ended on February 15.

Robbie originally opened the shop with a three-month lease to see if the brand and formula would work in the city before making the lease permanent.

He added: “It's a fantastic city with so much heritage and history.

"I've got a great clientele base now and, in some ways, they pushed me in this new direction. They are the ones that wanted me to add more to the Bohemia brand. They're an inspiration and I value them very much.”

Bohemia sells sustainable clothes and furniture, including pieces that used to be warships, and procured from all over the world.

"When you buy a table that used to be a warship - or a piece of driftwood off the shores of India - it's quite exciting. It's not just a table; it used to be something else," he told the Journal, when opening.

Bohemia is one of three local stores in a group that includes Serisio in Brighton and Rosy Red in Chichester.

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