A new craft ale bar has opened in Salisbury, mixing traditional beer culture with the modern market.

Sips opened in The Maltings on March 31, and the first week or so of business has already been "manic".

Founder and owner Jacob Price, 30, said that the bar was so busy over the weekend that they sold out of beer and had to get some supplies from Dark Revolution, the independent brewery in Old Sarum that has just reopened.

Sips is Jacob's own business, but he has had the help of dad Jonathan and brother Sebastian in sorting and opening the bar.

Speaking to the Journal, Jacob said: "This is a bar for Salisbury. I started with the shelves half empty, and I want people to come and tell me what they like.

"Already, after only a week and a half, I have had to make many orders and many of them have been what customers have asked for.

"One of our comments on Instagram said that we were 'bringing the beer scene in Salisbury up to the 21st century', and I like that. That's not to say other places aren't making an effort. It's an up and coming market."

He said the name Sips came from his ethos on drinking: "I have never been a heavy drinker. My ethos is aways mindful drinking.

"You might not want to buy a pint of many of the ales I sell. We cater for people who like to come, stay longer and think more about what they are drinking and enjoy the taste."

Jacob has had experience working in the craft ale scene in Devizes, which he said quickly became a passion.

He said that while working in Devizes many people were saying how Salisbury was "crying out" for a craft ale bar.

"It's not to say that other pubs in Salisbury do not offer them. Many do dabble," Jacob said.

"It is easy to sell a product that I can get behind and have a passion for."

He says craft ale is differs in that it is regularly produced in "smaller batches, not produced in large scale, and quite often the ale will be a one off".

"Many of my products will only be in a few bars in the country," he said.

Jacob adds that he is in talks with other food businesses in Salisbury to try and organise tasting events, try before you buy, and food and drink pairing events.

There will also be an event in the summer to celebrate the tenth birthday of Tiny Rebel, a brewery in Cardiff known for its adventurous names and flavours.

For the event, all ales on tap will be from Tiny Rebel. More details will be provided closer to the time.

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