WHILE people queued along Blue Boar Row waiting for Bradbeers to officially open, behind the scenes all the last minute tidying, cleaning and polishing took place as the company readied for its very first customers. 

The move to Salisbury had been project managed by Bradbeers director, Greg Davis who admitted he thrived on the pressure.

The transformation was visible from a somewhat forlorn Debenhams store which had been empty for so long, to a new  vibrant store filled with well-designed displays, colours and textures. 

Before the official opening took place, everyone congregated in the restaurant while a prayer was said by Dean Nicholas Papadopulos.

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Salisbury Journal: The family behind the store along with MP John Glen and Salisbury Mayor and Councillor Atiqul HoqueThe family behind the store along with MP John Glen and Salisbury Mayor and Councillor Atiqul Hoque (Image: Spencer Mulholland and MAB)

The main ceremony and the cutting of the ribbon took place outside the front doors.  Once the ribbon was cut, the first customers went inside.

The store has something for everyone. From vast displays of clothes for men and women, a homeware sections, bags and luggage to skincare items.

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 The restaurant at the top of the building is open once more there is a new addition to the store - a bar on the ground floor  which is run by the Immersive Group and offers champagne or coffee.  

Salisbury Journal: Plaque inside BradbeersPlaque inside Bradbeers (Image: Newsquest)

The building has a long history and Bradbeers has paid tribute to the previous businesses who once occupied the site. 

A plaque in the restaurant mentions the Blue Boar Inn and the Saracen's Head Inn. It also lists the demise of Henry Duke of Buckingham who was executed there on Sunday, November 2 1483. 

A window in the restaurant has the letters SG on it. 

Salisbury Journal: The glass with SG on itThe glass with SG on it (Image: Newsquest)

This relates to the Style and Gerrish Ltd company which was there from 1867.

The company was owned by the Debenhams Group since 1945 and on March 10 1973, the store changed name and became known as Debenhams of Salisbury.

Now, it enters its next chapter under Bradbeers ownership.