Customers of the Sports Direct Fitness gym on Summerlock Approach expressed shock and disappointment at the sudden permanent closure of the facility.

Members and personal trainers rushed to the gym on Monday, December 11 to empty the facility of any personal belongings after a surprise email sent that afternoon announced that the business was closing permanently that day and would lose access to the building less than 24 hours later.

Gym member Ollie Mann, 26, said: “It’s a good question why they waited until the day of. That’s just poor customer service really.”

Salisbury Journal: Ollie MannOllie Mann (Image: Joshua Truksa/Newsquest)

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Scott Norris, 27, a self-employed personal trainer who uses the gym for sessions with customers, said there was no more warning for him and fellow trainers than for everyone else.

Scott said: “It’s just a bit of a shock really, to get an email at the same time as the members.”

Many members of the gym said they didn’t know where they would go next for their exercise.

Mary Goldsmith, 58, who lives in the City Centre said she would prefer a gym that she could walk to rather than drive or cycle.

Mary said: “I need somewhere close to home because I live in the middle of town, so I need something within walking distance, otherwise I won’t go there, so I’ll probably join the leisure centre; it’s the closest one to where I live.

"I need something that’s within walking distance. You see something that’s easy to go to otherwise it’s too easy not to go.”

Salisbury Journal: Mary GoldsmithMary Goldsmith (Image: Joshua Truksa/Newsquest)

India Bell, 17, of Breamore, said she may not join another gym as Sports Direct Fitness was the most convenient to where the bus drops her off when coming into town from the village.

She said the announcement of the gym’s closure was a complete surprise.

India said: “There was no pre-warning whatsoever. I didn’t even expect it to happen.

“I honestly just might not go to the gym now.”