AN event to relax, de-stress, and aid sleep is scheduled to take place in Salisbury in the New Year. 

Salisbury Meditation and Sound Therapy provide meditation with sound helping those who attend to offset the negative elements of stress and to feel more grounded after even the most tiring of days. 

Gemma Gutteridge, 38, set up the company in 2019 just before the pandemic and it was all put on hold at that point. 

She said: "I got into meditation and sound therapy as juggling another business was stressful and I was looking to find more balance and reduce stress levels.

"I wanted to feel calmer, cope with stress better and relearn not to be thinking about work all the time. Now I support other people to do the same."

Salisbury Journal: Meditation and SoundMeditation and Sound (Image: Salisbury Meditation and Sound Therapy)

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Now the business is doing well.

Gemma believes it helps people to be more in the present and to stop focussing on the 'what ifs' of life. 

She said: "I always think people need something post-Christmas and there is the January blues. People do not need to have done meditation before and sound and meditation help people to go into the relaxation more. 

"It is perfect for those who are juggling busy lives or juggling work stress." 

The sessions take place at St John's Place in Lower Bemerton and there is room for 25 people. 

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Salisbury Journal: Meditation and sound class at St John's PlaceMeditation and sound class at St John's Place (Image: Salisbury Meditation and Sound Therapy)

Gemma said: "People can lie on the floor as we have blankets and there is underfloor heating, or sit on a chair.  It is a calming space. The vibrations of the singing bowl help them to switch off."

Meditation has been proven to decrease stress, improve memory, focus and willpower and improve sleep. 

Gemma said: "People have told me they slept better afterwards."

The first Sound and Meditation therapy session is at St John's Place and starts at 6.45 pm on Friday, January 12, 2024.