A FALCONRY will be leaving River Bourne Community Farm for the 'safety of its birds and the happiness of its staff'.

Two Bird Experiences announced it would be moving after five years of building the business from the ground up.

Although the decision to leave the farm was made in August 2023, directors Emily Ryland-Langley and James Knight were recently told they must be out by March.

The Salisbury falconry offered an after-school club, meet-and-greet encounters and an on-site walkway where guests could see the eight birds.

Emily said the plan to move was "the best decision" for the company, adding: "For the safety of our birds, for the happiness of our staff and so that we could run successfully as a business we had to decide to leave River Bourne Community Farm.

"At the Salisbury site, it has not always been plain sailing and it has become more challenging over the past couple of years."

Salisbury Journal: Directors James Knight and Emily Ryland-Langley.Directors James Knight and Emily Ryland-Langley. (Image: Two Bird Experiences)

River Bourne Community Farm has been targeted by criminals in the past few years with laying hens being shot to death using catapults and thieves stealing charity donations.

Two Bird will be announcing its new home "soon" once negotiations are finished but Emily said the birds will likely be spread across two different sites.

In the meantime, Emily has called upon her supporters for help with supplying boxes and plant pots ahead of the move.

She is also looking for anyone to come on-site for work days to move things and clean up the area.

Describing the venture as a "huge passion project", Emily said: "We've put our hearts and souls into it. We've put every penny we had and every second of time we had. Blood, sweat and tears. So we would have never made this decision lightly."

Salisbury Journal: James Knight and Emily Ryland-Langley started the business in 2018.James Knight and Emily Ryland-Langley started the business in 2018. (Image: Two Bird Experiences)

Education and marketing manager Sara-Jane Hancock, at River Bourne Community Farm, said: "We will be very sad to see them go and we wish Emily, James and the birds the best for whatever they do in the future. We have always admired what they do."

Emily thanked everybody who has supported Two Bird Experiences by visiting, asking questions and sharing the joy of the project.

"Although it has been the hardest thing we have ever done, it has been the best thing we have ever done," she added.

The birds will be on show on days yet to be announced in the lead up to the final closure in March so that guests can say a temporary goodbye.