The Shah Jahan held a special invitation-only event to celebrate the completion of its first renovation and redecoration in more than ten years.

The highlight and centrepiece of the redecoration celebrated on Saturday, January 27 were two bespoke murals by Salisbury artist and Bishop Wordsworth’s art teacher Samantha Redmill, 50, who said the project took her 12 days spread over four weeks during November and December, attending to the project on her days off from work on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Shah Jahan owner and manager Tohur Ali, 50, said he first had the idea to ask Samantha to redecorate the walls of the restaurant when he saw the work she had done with the help of her Bishop Wordsworth’s pupils at the Old George Mall.

The Shah Jahan project, however, was a solo venture and Samantha’s first ever work for a restaurant.

The artwork is more than just simple painting, incorporating wooden cutouts that create a three-dimensional effect.

Samantha said: “We’ve got a laser cutter at the school, so I just literally design it on the laser cutter and then cut it out.”

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Tohur said he was very happy with the finished product. Before the refurb, the walls displayed more generic style wallpaper seen in many restaurants.

Tohur said: “Since the refurbishment there’s been very positive feedback from the customers.”

The event was attended by the staff of Shah Jahan, including former owner Azad Miah, who founded Shah Jahan in 1989, and art students of Samantha’s from Bishop Wordsworth’s. Salisbury MP John Glen, a personal friend of Samantha, also made an appearance.

Mr Glen said: “Sam’s a very good friend of mine. I’ve always admired her commitment to community art in Salisbury and tried to support her in whatever way I can.

“It’s just that passion toward encouraging young people into art. She teaches art, but she’s also passionate about community art. So really, this is about me supporting her and this is another expression of her talents here at the Shah Jahan restaurant.”