The community of the ‘most romantic village in the world’ has come together for another year of spreading love through the post. 

Lover has been a popular destination for Valentine's card writing and posting since the 1960s, and opens a pop-up post office and café to commemorate the tradition each year.

Although the original post office closed down in 2008, a team run a ‘pop-up’ post office annually in the Old School, to keep the tradition going. 

The appeal of the location is that people can send their cards to be stamped with a Lover postmark - in fitting for the day of love.  

Cards have been sent from Lover to every continent in the world - including Antarctica.  

Salisbury Journal: Postmaster General Nick GibbsPostmaster General Nick Gibbs (Image: Newsquest)

Nicknamed ‘Postmaster General’, organiser Nick Gibbs oversees the event every year, and is keen to keep the tradition going. 

“The Valentine's post is here to stay. It's one of the things we’ve become famous for” 

All profits go towards restoring The Old School, which closed 12 years ago, into a community centre.

It is used as a venue for the Valentine’s post office every year. 

Nick said: “It’s a way of raising money, but perhaps even more importantly, it’s a community activity.” 

This year, more than 40 volunteers took part in the scheme, with two teams lovingly named to fit the occasion. ‘Cupids’ who help with stamping, and ‘Darlings’, who help with the café. 

Across the village, residents bake cakes for the ‘Darling Café’ and decorate their houses and gardens with hearts. 

Salisbury Journal: Lover Post OfficeLover Post Office (Image: Newsquest)

Nick wanted to emphasise a key message behind Valentine’s card writing - and why you should visit Lover at this time of year. 

He said: “The nature of contact between people has changed. People generally don’t send cards and letters in the way they used to.

"However, we live in a very difficult world, and I think people are realising those kind of relationships are important.” 

“I think it’s important that we do continue with it as its a moment people can concentrate on their relationship with others, and not on the very difficult circumstances around the world.” 

He added: “I’ve been concerned that people are becoming thoughtless. People are increasingly taking but not giving. It’s work in progress, we’ve all got to try hard to get this message out - that other people are really important and you should spend the time and make the effort to make them realise what you feel about them.” 

“It’s more than just sending out a Valentine’s card - it’s an opportunity to come along and be part of a developing community history.” 

The Post Office and Darling Café are open 10am-4pm between February 7-14, at the Old School on School Road.  

You can also order cards from