A SURREY couple have decided to open a new sweet shop in Salisbury after visiting the city on holiday and falling in love with it. 

Charlie Wells, 23 and his partner Georgia Conlan, 25 are eagerly anticipating the opening of their shop, Sweets and Sour - which will be in the Cross Keys Shopping Centre. 

Having lost his job as a holiday rep as a result of the pandemic, Mr Wells could never foresee the success the shop would have – with more than 160,000 TikTok followers - and the new branch of the shop will look to build on the success already amassed online and in the original branch in Egham. 

The new Salisbury branch, which should open in the next month, aims to be “traditional with a modern twist”.

The couple will sell Pick'n'Mix classics, as well as importing more goodies from all over the world such as Canada and America.

The shop aims to be an expansion on its sister branch in Surrey, with the traditional façade of a Sweet Shop anticipated.