A MARKET trader is anticipating another attack after his tyres were slashed in what he believes to be a "targeted" incident.

Matt Sherman, owner of Central Fruits, found his two vans had been criminally damaged after 10.15am while parked in Salisbury Central Car Park on Tuesday morning, March 5.

Someone had taken a sharp object to two of the same tyres on each vehicle, setting Mr Sherman back a total of £220 at a time of year when business is "hard enough anyway".

But the father-of-two, from Salisbury, is growing concerned for the safety of his family as he thinks the recent damage was a calculated attack.

Salisbury Journal: Two tyres were slashed.Two tyres were slashed. (Image: Central Fruits)

Mr Sherman, 35, said: "They were either watching me or someone has rung them to tell them I’m back.

"We're not double checking to make sure the doors are locked and we're checking security systems.

"All I want to do is be left alone, do my job and be loved by my wife and kids."

Mr Sherman told the Journal he had been victim to several physical attacks while working in the Maltings recently but fears there will be no consequence for the culprits.

"The police just really don't seem interested," he said.

CCTV operators saw a man dressed in black jacket with write writing walk between Mr Sherman's vans before getting into a black van.

In a message to his customers, Mr Sherman described the slashing as a "cowardly attack".

He added: "They can slash my tyres but the person who done this won’t slash my passion, drive and enthusiasm to put my business on the map.

"It makes me stronger and gives me more determination to smash this on my own."

Salisbury Journal: Matt Sherman, of Central Fruits, pictured centre, with Chas Kimber and Maria Stevenson of Salisbury FoodbankMatt Sherman, of Central Fruits, pictured centre, with Chas Kimber and Maria Stevenson of Salisbury Foodbank

The criminal damage is thought to have taken place between 10am and 2pm on Tuesday, March 5.

Mr Sherman explained how his business works with local charities including Salisbury Foodbank and delivers 40 boxes of fruit and veg to Salisbury Hospice weekly.

"I'm always trying to give back as well as make a living but I can't be left alone to do that unfortunately," he said.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said: "We’ve received a report of criminal damage to a van in the car park behind Sainsburys in the Maltings, Salisbury, which is believed to have taken place between 10am and 1.30pm on Tuesday March 5.

"Any witnesses to the incident should call 101 and quote crime reference number 54240026293."