THE owner of the vinyl shop in the Cross Keys Shopping Centre is selling up after eight years. 

Paul Smith, 59, of Vinyl Collectors and Sellers wants to the space to remain a record shop.

Paul, who is also Salisbury's biggest Elton John fan, said: “It’s always been my wish to do a little less when I turn 60.

“We’ve got a grandson now, so it gives me more chance to help out there with my daughter, as and when, because she’s a nurse and she works long hours; sometimes she needs a little bit of extra help and support so I’ll be there to do that.

“So, it’s more family time, as well. It’s great to be having a bit more family time now.”

Paul first opened the shop in 2016 after years of working in the construction industry.

He said: “I just wanted a career change. I’d been involved with the online selling of music since 1998, so it was a natural progression that I had enough stock from that side to open up the shop. It was at the time when Salisbury hadn’t had a record shop for many years.”

Paul said he wants to ensure the business remains a record shop, planning to convert from proprietor to customer.

The shop, including all of its stock, is being offered as a turnkey business for £35k.

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Paul is in talks with a potential buyer but nothing has yet been finalised.

Paul said: “I’m fairly optimistic about that, and I put the message out there yesterday to say that in the hope that if that does fall through there will be somebody else that’s got a passion for music like I have that’s looking for a change in career direction to come in and take on a ready-made business with a good reputation.”

Paul said he has enjoyed his time at the shop in Cross Keys and isn’t one to sit idle, with a further project including the management of a holiday home outside Marlborough.

He will also be retaining his online records sale business, which he has operated since 1998, having been one of the first people in the UK to sell things over eBay.

He added he has met numerous fellow music lovers in the shop who will remain friends.

Paul said: “I’ve built some really good long-term customers who have become friends, as well, so that’s all part of retail. I’ll keep in contact with them for sure.”