AN adult shop has launched a sale making light of disruptive roadworks to 'connect with the community'.

On Friday, May 17, My Amazing Fantasy advertised a 10 per cent sale on 'Skins' lubricant which they promise will "last almost as long as these roadworks" on Fisherton Street.

Initially happy about the proposed transformative project, owner Nick Honeybun, 42, said his shop always tries to "put a positive spin" on situations which is how he decided on the "tongue-in-cheek" wording of the sign.

But sales have fallen by 20 per cent since the works began and the shop has seen some "terrible days" including four evacuations due to gas leaks within a year with no compensation offered.

"We're lucky our customers will come back another day. We're weathering it but I do worry about our neighbours," added Nick.

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Salisbury Journal: Nick Honeybun, 42, owns My Amazing Fantasy.Nick Honeybun, 42, owns My Amazing Fantasy. (Image: Nick Honeybun)

Fisherton Street was made one-way on August 7, 2023, as part of phase one of the £9m works, paid for by the government's Future High Streets Fund.

My Amazing Fantasy is part of 'Area G' on the project plan and was scheduled for resurfacing between January and March this year.

This has not happened yet but Wiltshire Council said signs and street furniture will be installed in this area soon, with paving works following over the next few weeks.

While the works have caused significantly less footfall in My Amazing Fantasy, store assistant Emily hopes the sale will help "show a bit of humanity" to the people of Salisbury.

Salisbury Journal: The adult shop is offering 10 per cent off 'Skins' lubricant.The adult shop is offering 10 per cent off 'Skins' lubricant. (Image: Newsquest)

Since the signs went up, the shop has received positive support on social media with many people sympathising with the current struggle to run a business on Fisherton Street.

Emily said: "I thought it was really funny. It feels like we're connecting to the community in a 'we know it's a bit of a nightmare' sort of empathy."

Although, the 26-year-old was afraid of facing backlash as she says people still hold a negative stigma about the adult toy shop.

As of 2pm on Monday, May 20, a post which gathered a lot of support for the shop had been removed from social media which Nick said shows "the sort of discrimination" he faces when trying to publicise his business.

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"I want people to know it's not as seedy as it seems. It's a nice place with friendly staff. When people come in they realise we have no judgement here," added Emily.

"[The Fisherton Gateway project] has definitely affected us. People want to slink in and out of the shop and navigating the roadworks makes it more obvious where they're going. Plus, people don't want to drive into Salisbury."

Salisbury Journal: My Amazing Fantasy has been seen a drop in customers due to the roadworks.My Amazing Fantasy has been seen a drop in customers due to the roadworks. (Image: Newsquest)

Emily, who has worked part-time at My Amazing Fantasy for six months, said her customers have been venturing to other branches in Andover and Weymouth rather than battling through the traffic and roadworks in Salisbury.

"They say it's a nightmare to go into town. We have a lot of people complaining about it, especially regulars," she said.

"I'm really worried about it because I love this job, it's a lovely place to work and I wouldn't want anything to happen to it."

Any customers wanting a more secretive entrance to the shop can use the back door, accessible through Dews Road, where they will receive "a warm welcome".