A MUCH-LOVED independent business in the high street will close its doors for good this weekend after more than 40 years of trade.

On Saturday, June 15, the doors of Casa Fina, a unique gift shop specialising in home accessories located in 62 High Street has been trading in Salisbury since 1983.

As previously reported, owner of the business, Susi Mason, 58, announced that she will be retiring this summer.

Susi Mason said: "I’ll be working with my daughter on Saturday which has a lovely symmetry as I worked on our first day back in October 1983 with my mother, Liz."

(Image: Suzy Ellis)

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Susi has been overwhelmed by the memories that people have shared and the best wishes they have passed on. While looking forward to retirement from retail, Susi acknowledges that it’s the end of an era.

She added: "Customers have shared their love of our window displays and mix of vintage and new and have shown genuine sadness that their visits to Casa Fina will be ending, but I’ve shared the news that a new indie will be opening very soon, and I wish them success in this beautiful corner of the city."

Speaking to the Journal previously, Susi said: "After celebrating 40 years, it seemed a good time to finish."

Originally from Essex, Susi's mother initially established Casa Fina in 1983, as a franchise.

Susi said: "My mother widowed very young, and decided to go somewhere different. She fell in love with the Casa Fina shop in Surrey, which was a franchise back then.

"She travelled around the country to find the perfect location to have a shop of her own and decided Salisbury was just that.

"I used to help her now and then, then I went off to university and became a teacher, but I packed that in and came back to help in the shop, and haven't left since."

Eventually, the other Casa Fina stores across the country closed down, leaving Salisbury's as the only surviving independent business.

After more than 40 years in the business, Susi is looking forward to a change of pace, and being able to have a a little bit of time to herself.

She said: "Anybody who works in retail knows it can be a slog. When you have done the same job for 40 years, it is time for a change.

"I think I've got the same list that everyone plans when they retire, I'll finally tidy the cupboards, and see my friends, I haven't thought too far ahead just yet.

"Last year I missed out on the summer, so it will be nice to be out in the garden this year."