YOU may have noticed a change to the layout of the market this week. 

That's because on Tuesday, June 18, traders who were previously found on Guildhall Square have moved back onto the Market Place, having originally been moved to comply with social distancing regulations.

The traders that have moved back onto the Market Place are: Wiltshire Hog Roast, Red Records, Anrose Ltd, Falafel Express, Wiltshire Clothing, Pie and Piper, Vincents Underwear, Especially Dogs, Swedish Baking Studio, Ginnys Dairy, and The SA Way. 

Adam Warda, owner of Falafel Express, told the Journal: "Before Covid, we used to be all together in one place which was much nicer for the market and attracts more people.

“I do think it should be in one area  - like other markets in the country – it’s much easier."

Adam Warda, owner of Falafel ExpressAdam Warda, owner of Falafel Express (Image: Newsquest)

Barry Vincent of Vincent’s Socks and Underwear, added: “It makes the market more compacted. Before, it was too spread out – but it had to be because of Covid.”

Vincent, 57, has also moved from a distant position across the square. He said: “Customers love it!”, although there was a concern that customers may not be able to find them because of the move. 

Barry Vincent of Vincent’s Socks and UnderwearBarry Vincent of Vincent’s Socks and Underwear (Image: Newsquest)

Similarly, Anthony Rose, owner of A N Rose Limited, said: “If you move, you’re a new person again [to regular customers]", but he added: “We’ve had the opportunities to tell customers we will be moving into the market, but the council couldn’t put out where. 

"I’m hopeful my regular customers will come pretty quickly back.”

Anthony Rose, owner of A N Rose LimitedAnthony Rose, owner of A N Rose Limited (Image: Newsquest)

Owner of Red Records, Chantell Pike, said she was happy with the changes, and Vaughan Thomas, 63, owner of Heart of Africa, another stall that has made the move across the square, agreed: “It’s nice, as I was on my own there [on the Guildhall Sqaure], a stall by myself.

"This makes it more of a community". 

Mr Thomas said that the new layout offers its advantages for the business of his stall. Sharing his Tuesday space with Saturday’s bittong stall, owned by a woman named Sam, Thomas said: “It’s a win-win, they’ll come see me today thinking Sam’s here, and the same for her on Saturday.”

Salisbury Charter Market is open every Tuesday from 8.30am until 3pm and Saturday from 8.30am until 4pm in Salisbury Market Place.