A unique lifestyle and clothing shop in the city centre has partnered with a world renowned shoe company to style a photoshoot.

Regent, an independent and family run business on New Street, was asked by Austrian shoemakers Ludwig Reiter to style their recent photoshoot featuring international pianist Cyrill Ibrahim. 

Owner Jason Regent, 52, said: "Naturally, we were flattered and excited to be asked to be involved in a project with such notable and esteemed names.

"We have a long-standing relationship with Ludwig Reiter who have routinely trusted us to represent their brand as a stockist in a manner aligned with their quality-first and luxury ethos.

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"However, styling a photoshoot where this ethos had to be shown visually whilst promoting the Ludwig Reiter brand was an extension of their trust we never expected, but were more than happy to assist with.

"Mr. Ibrahim is styled in our Regent ‘Jacob’ tweed jacket – a jacket whose fabric has been processed from sheep to mill without ever having been dyed. The result is a high-quality cloth with enhanced environmental credentials."

Maronibater tweedMaronibrater tweed (Image: Ludwif Reiter Photo - Jamie McGregor Smith)

That "trust" is at the centre of Regent, which has been running for 20 years.

Jason added: "The trust is the most important thing - with brands and customers."

Lending a hand in the business is Jason's daughter, Lula, 20, and son, Henry, 14. Lula studied fine art and textiles at college, and has created designs of her own which are sold in Regent, and similarly, Henry has created designs including Regents iconic "dead dog".

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Jason added: "We're not afraid to get new things and try things because we've got to keep evolving. That's where my daughter and son really help."

We're not just suits...We're not just suits... (Image: Regent)

The shop, while deceivingly small from the outside, boasts three floors of products. From made to measure tailoring to shoes, coffee, records and gardening tools, the shop has a huge range of items for all customers.

Made-to-measure suits and personal styling appointments are available to help customers find day-to-day wear as well as occasion wear for events like weddings or ceremonies. 

Jason said: "We help men find themselves. That look of joy makes me feel so worthy. I see people who really need help and they’re just lost – they don’t know what their style is."

For more information on Regent, you can visit their website: https://regenttailoring.co.uk/