A COFFEE van owner is undeterred by previous break-ins and feels "proud" to serve Churchill Gardens.

Kiwi Coffee was set up by Vic Wise, 60, and replaced Mr Beans after Nikolay Velkov was forced to move to Queen Elizabeth Gardens in October.

Mr Beans, which formerly occupied the space, was targeted by burglars and broken into twice in one month.

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But this spate of crime has not put Vic off trading in the gardens as he "always thinks of the positives rather than focusing on the negatives".

The 60-year-old takes the van home every night and hopes this will be enough to deter criminals.

Kiwi Coffee replaced Mr Beans, which moved to Queen Elizabeth Gardens following two break-ins.Kiwi Coffee replaced Mr Beans, which moved to Queen Elizabeth Gardens following two break-ins. (Image: Newsquest)

Last winter brought challenges for the outdoor coffee shop but Vic's love of coffee and desire to "get people to talk" drove him forward into a busier summer.

"I get a lot of people of all ages passing through and I love hearing their stories," he explained.

Vic said he feels "quite proud" to serve the Churchill Gardens community, adding: "They are just really appreciative of a cafe. Being here, I hear that all the time.

"The families are desperate for something to stay here. It always tickles me when people say 'please may I have' - they are really polite."

Salisbury Parkrun on Saturdays and Junior Parkrun on Sundays has been a boon for Vic as he happily serves thirsty runners after their morning jog.

Vic Wise started Kiwi Coffee last October.Vic Wise started Kiwi Coffee last October. (Image: Newsquest)

Kiwi Coffee's name was inspired by Vic's home country of New Zealand but he moved to Salisbury when he was six years old and remembers learning to ride a bike in the courtyard opposite where his business now stands.

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After years of travelling, Vic returned to the city. He said: "Home is home. That's where your family and friends are and you're comfortable."

Kiwi Coffee serves an array of beverages and snacks including herbal tea, iced drinks, fruit shoots, flapjacks and, of course, barista-made coffee using beans roasted in Winchester.

The van is parked in Churchill Gardens from 8am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.