THE NEW record store has opened in the Cross Keys Shopping Centre following a change of ownership. 

The Owners of the legendary Poole record store brought the shop to Salisbury following the retirement of Paul Smith, the owner of the old Vinyl Collectors and Sellers.

Boiler Room Records, owned by Mark Northey, opened on Friday after relocating their store in Kingland, Poole.

Mark NortheyMark Northey (Image: Ben Dawkins)

Mark Northey told the Journal: “I really like the location and there’s no other new record shop here so it’s a nice fit. There’s a nice mix of all ages”

“We’ve had families come in, if you make it presentable and open to a range of generations. We’ve had families come in and everyone’s got their own record and they all go home together and play them.”

Paul Smith, 60, owner of Vinyl Collectors and Sellers, was there to give a helping hand on the opening day.

Talking on the grand opening, Paul said: “All the comments have been great, it’s been busy, for a normal Friday it’s been exceptional.”

“We’re expecting to be very busy tomorrow as we’ve been pushing it out lots over the last month, showing our customers all the progress and everyone has been getting excited.”

The store has undergone a refit from Monday, June 24 to Sunday, June 30, which includes new lighting, racking, and redecoration, ensuring a fresh and welcoming environment for all music lovers.