One of Wiltshire Police’s most popular police dogs, who had previously saved an officer’s life, has died.

Tyke, affectionately known as ‘Big T’, sadly passed away on Sunday, November 6 and was aged 11 years old, revealed Wiltshire Police.

The dog gained his licence in 2013 and worked alongside his handler, PC Cindy Hargreave, for six years before retiring in 2019.

After he left the police force, Tyke lived with PC Hargreave to “enjoy a slower pace of life”.

“Tyke is my world – I have had dogs since I was one, but I will never ever have a dog like this again,” PC Hargreave said.

“Tyke was the best teammate and partner I could ever have wished for.”

The bond between the dog and officer was described by Wiltshire Police as being “unmatched”.

This level of dedication was present especially when Tyke protected PC Hargreave from a petrol barrel towards her during an illegal Swindon rave, saving her life.

Dog trainer Ian Partington said: “Tyke served for Wiltshire Police for six years and he was a brilliant police dog.

“PC Hargreave and Tyke were a great team both during his working years and through his retirement, and I know just how devastated she will be.”