A HALLOWEEN fanatic has started transforming her Tidworth home into a pirate haven ready for the occasion, with skeletons, monsters and more.

Despite this, mother-of-four Anji Prior wants her seasonal spectacle to be accessible to all, and will be showcasing the decor the day before Halloween so SEND children (special educational needs and disabilities) can get involved too.

With two children of her own with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Anji aims to have her home fully decorated by October 30, which will enable the faint-hearted to view her property before the main reveal.

Anji, who has decorated her home for Halloween for the last 18 years, told the Journal that this year's theme is pirates.

"This year, because I have special needs children, I just thought it would be nice to get the house ready before Halloween so they can get involved too," she said.

"My mum doesn't celebrate Halloween so we became obsessed with it. I started this with my daughter 18 years ago and it just gets bigger every year.

"My husband, the kids, everyone gets involved."

Despite not being finished yet, the house is already covered in spooky decorations, including drunk pirates, and special effects like setting the house on fire are in the pipeline.

Anji added: "We just want everyone to feel they are accepted here, and you can never take too many sweets.

"Children always love it, they always stop to take a look when walking past.

"Everyone is welcome here, even those who are scared of the dark or don't like scary things as much."

Next year Anji's children want the theme to be Harry Potter.

The house can be viewed in the Riverbourne Estate in Tidworth, for more information visit the family's Facebook group.

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