A BUBBLE tea shop has arrived in Salisbury, an unusual but delicious addition to the city's food and drink scene. 

Cupp Bubble Tea is one of the latest shops to open in the heart of the city centre, offering a wide selection of beverages made from milk, fruit and fruit juices, and of course the special ingredient - 'bubbles'.

Of course bubble tea isn't a new creation, but it's new for Salisbury - catapulting the city straight into how a diverse and inviting high street should look in 2021.

I arrived just before 2pm today to catch up with the team before the shop's official opening, but I was greeted with a queue that snaked all the way down Silver Street. Excited customers were already ready and waiting to pick up their flavoursome tea blends.

Some of the tea lovers near the front had been stood there for around two hours(!!!). I've never queued for a shop opening in my life so I was looking forward to seeing what was instore.

Sneaking inside, the shop was filled with an excited atmosphere, as staff danced around adding the finishing touches to an already pristine-looking, modern interior.

Looking at the menu I had no idea what to get, the options were endless.

Peach, coconut, vanilla, coffee, rose - there was something for every mood and taste bud. 

Keeping it somewhat classic, I went for a strawberry green tea with tapioca pearls.

It's quite an odd experience drinking bubble tea for the first time, you just don't expect the sudden hit of the bubble taste and texture, but then it just becomes more and more, well, more-ish. 

My drink was juicy, refreshing, and the chewy sensation of the bubbles was something I just didn't realise I needed in a drink. I'll definitely be returning to try some different blends and toppings.

Quickly grabbing owners Roberta and Keith before the shop opened to the public, they said it felt "surreal" to finally be opening after a slight delay, but they are "excited".

"So much work has gone into this and it just feels so exciting that it has come together and we're finally here," Roberta added.

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