ARTIST Jane Mackay has a condition that means she sees colours and patterns in response to words or music.

People with synaesthesia experience the stimulation of one sense alongside the response of another – so certain words, or notes of music, present as certain colours.

Jane, a doctor who gave up her work as a GP to become an artist, has used the condition to feed her creativity.

The 13 works exhibited for the first time at Salisbury’s Medieval Hall on Friday were her interpretations of Benjamin Britten’s The Third Cello Suite.

The paintings were produced after Jane listened to musician Matthew Barley’s new recording of Britten’s Cello Suite following a request from the composer’s nephew to work on a project celebrating his centenary year.

She said: “Listening to Matthew’s new recording of the Cello Suite I was bombarded with images and ideas for paintings, from which I created this series of 13 works.”

The paintings, which are available to buy for £825 each, will be on tour until December.

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