JONATHAN Emmett’s delightful tale about a mole who finds the moon so beautiful he wants to capture it has been adapted for the stage by the Peaceful Lion theatre company and it works wonderfully well.

With just the right balance of storytelling, music, song and audience participation, the cast of four brought the book to life in a way that was engaging and entertaining at Salisbury Playhouse’s Salberg Studio.

Mole’s efforts to capture the moon are met with gentle ridicule from his woodland friends as they try to convince him it’s further away than it looks.

As the story unfolds Mole becomes more desperate before finally realising something as beautiful as the moon is best left alone.

The cast had fine singing voices well suited to the sweet yet catchy songs, and by playing live instruments, getting the children to join in and having fun with their interpretation of the book, they soon had the young audience engrossed.

The simple set and lighting was used effectively and there were nice moments of humour for adults and children alike.

Jill Harding