STAGING such a well-loved, memorable British sitcom was a brave thing to do.

But Studio Theatre pulled it off with their production of three classic episodes.

Director Camilla Burgess did well to choose a cast who physically resemble the instantly recognisable characters.

The audience was laughing at the slapstick humour and hilarious lines all the way through, and there were only a few moments where the cast stumbled over the lines and it could have been a little slicker.

Keith Edmund put in an energetic and believable portrayal of Basil Fawlty, and Pam Goldsbrough, as the long-suffering Sybil, was also fantastic.

But James Bradwell, as Manuel, was the star of the show – his delivery and timing as the incompetent waiter from Barcelona were superb.

There were notable performances from Peter Mitchell as Major Gowen, and Dan Scott as Danny Brown.

The set, split into the lounge, reception and dining room, worked really well and as it stayed the same throughout it allowed the audience’s focus to remain on the characters.