HAVING thoroughly enjoyed Studio Theatre’s last Terry Pratchett production, Going Postal, I had high expectations for the sequel, Making Money.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The plot is everything you would expect from Sir Terry – an extraordinary storyline with plenty of humour.

There were outstanding performances, especially from Stew Taylor as the lead role, Moist von Lipwig.

Phil Taylor, as golum Gladys, was responsible for many of the laugh out loud moments, and Alistair Faulkner was fantastic as Mr Bent.

Special mention must also go to Teddy Woolgrove, socially awkward Hubert, and George Goulding as Igor and Mr Slant as well as Theo Ross, Mrs Lavish.

Anthony von Roretz put in a convincing performance as tyrant Lord Vetinari, despite stumbling over a couple of lines in the first half.

James Bradwell proved he could pull off villainous Cosmo Lavish just as brilliantly as his hilarious performance as Manuel in Studio’s recent Fawlty Towers production.

All of the actors gave it their all and it was clear they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The set was used well and it was easy to follow the swift shifts between scenes despite limited props being used.

The performance is quite a long one, at three hours including the interval, but the pace speeds up in the second half and the laughs continue right to the end.