SALISBURY Arts Centre hosted the latest of their popular Altar Club band nights on Saturday. The evening had a distinct punk rock flavour.

Headliners were The Members, veterans of the punk scene from the 1970s. They played a superb set, full of energy and enthusiasm. Their finale of their classic anthem Sound of the Suburbs had the place rocking.

Luke Hall started things off with a solo set and his aggressive singing and playing set the tone for the evening. Next up were Bournemouth’s Escape from ‘98 with their up-tempo punk rock. They were followed by Salisbury favourites Pyeshoppe who were in great form - experienced Pyeshoppe-watchers agreed that this was their best-ever performance.

This was a great evening of good-time energetic music and provided a splendid alternative to slumping on the sofa in front of Glastonbury on the TV. Altar Club now takes a summer breakto return on September 26.