A CLASSIC fairytale with a twist is the latest production from Musical Theatre Salisbury (MTS) at the Playhouse this week.

Stephen Sondheim’s alternative, yet captivating musical Into the Woods sees storybook characters Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack and the Beanstalk all heading through the forest on their own quests. But when they wander off-track and into one another’s stories things become unpredictable and dark.

MTS always puts on a great performance and this is no exception. Their reconfiguring of a classic fairy tale gone wrong is beautiful, funny and creative.

The fairytale-esque music from the live orchestra set the mood throughout the evening with some spine-tingling vocal performances and stunning harmonies from the 20-man cast.

In fact, the acting and singing was so polished throughout that it was easy to forget that this was an amateur production.

The simple and easily adaptable woodland set, costumes, musical arrangements and stage choreography all shone. The cast sailed through number after number – director Sam Quested and musical director Liz Weager should be justly proud.

There were, of course, a few minor first-night teething problems with the sound system, but this hardly mattered and Monday night’s appreciative audience seemed to love every aspect of the production.

This MTS recreation is a must-see and proves that anything can happen in the woods – so be careful what you wish for…

  • Into the Woods continues at Salisbury Playhouse until Saturday, July 8.