WHAT do you do when you don't fit in and the odds are stacked against you?

That was the dilemma faced by a trio of performers struggling to make a living and under threat of eviction by their landlord - the Big Boss!

Great Odds was a lovely little play about friendship and following your dreams. Aimed at children and their families, the half-term performance in the Salberg Studio, at Salisbury Playhouse, used music, puppetry, sign language and visual storytelling.

Three characters – Marco (Jim Fish), Grouch (Charlotte Arrowsmith) and Jewels (Sophie Coward) – took the young audience on a fun-packed adventure to follow a dream.

Marco narrated the story and interacted with the audience, while Grouch communicated through sign language and Jewels used a variety of musical instruments and sound effects.

The central character of the play was a puppet – named Smells by one imaginative young member of the audience – and children were invited to share their own dreams while Smells went on a little adventure, which was sometimes a little turbulent but, of course, finished on a high note.

After the hour-long play, children were invited back into the theatre for a fun puppetry workshop, where they got the chance to meet Smells close-up and take him on their own mini adventure.

It was an inspiring morning for primary school aged children and the three actors did an admirable job of entertaining them.