THE Ladykillers is a laugh a minute at Salisbury Playhouse this month, writes Rebecca Hudson.

Graham Linehan’s dark comedy thrilled audiences in performances last week, in a special stage production of the 1950s film starring Alec Guinness.

The show follows a group of crooks posing as an amateur musical group, planning a heist under the nose of unwitting landlady Mrs Wilberforce.

Professor Marcus, played by Steven Elliot, is the ringleader of the mismatched band of criminals, pulling off comedy effortlessly, while managing to insert some darker moments into his character’s presence.

Never were a group of conmen better loved by an audience; the terrifying Romanian Louis Harvey, played by Anthony Dunn; Harry Robinson, the joker, played by Sam Lupton, and the loveable brute, One-Round, played by Damian Williams.

Not forgetting, of course, Major Courtney, played by Archers Ssar Graham Seed.

Best known for his role as Nigel Pargetter, Seed manages to play tribute to his former radio personality in one particular roof scene. Mrs Wilberforce, played by Ann Penfold, is delightfully naive, always failing to stop the criminal activity under her very nose.

Special mention should go to the set designer for an innovative rotating house, allowing for many different scenes in different locations, including a split-level stage showing the floors of Mrs Wilberforce’s home.

The story is entertaining and had audiences in stitches throughout, and the characters are charming.

The Ladykillers runs in the Main House at Salisbury Playhouse until Saturday, November 18. It is a co-production with New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich and Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch, directed by New Wolsey artistic director Peter Rowe.

Tickets from 01722 320333 or