AWARD-WINNING folk duo Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman will be "keeping it fresh" as well as performing some of their older tracks.

They will be performing at the Glebe Hall in Winterbourne Earls on Saturday (November 25) at 8pm.

"Sean and I have had a very busy year and we are just winding down now so once we get to the Glebe Hall we only have five gigs left for the year so we will be making the most of our last few [gigs] for this year," says Kathryn.

"It will be a fairly intimate evening, we like to keep things friendly and informal. We like to, hopefully, send the audience home feeling like they have got to know us a little bit as well as hear our music."

The husband and wife duo have been performing together for about 20 years but have been in the music business for about 30 years. They have twice been the winners of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for Best Duo in 2016 and 2013. It will be the first time they have performed in the Glebe Hall.

Kathryn says: "It is a new one for us. We have been in Salisbury before but not at the Glebe Hall. One of the joys of touring is when you visit a new venue you never exactly know what you are going to get. You don't know what the setting is going to be like. It keeps you on your toes. It is all fun.

"We're looking forward to it because it is a new venue to us it is always really enjoyable to turn up to a new part of the country. We tend to find that there are very few areas that we have never been to, even getting down to the smaller villages, so when we do visit somewhere that we have not visited before it is always really nice and we try and arrive a little bit earlier in the day so we have a bit of a look around."

"We are going to be playing a bit of a mixture. We have just put the finishing touches to a new album that won't be released until next year but when we go out and perform we are doing a bit of a mix of older material but sneaking a few of the new ones in as well so we can properly road test them," adds Kathryn.

"It is striking a balance, playing songs they know already played live and keeping it fresh and interesting for us. We are trying to balance it well. We have got a good mix of traditional songs, songs we write ourselves and the occasional cover song.

"They can expect an informal, fun evening of traditional and self-penned songs with lots of stories in there too. They might meet characters ranging from wicked mermaids to lonely whales, a Belgium giant, and there's a grizzly murder in there. We like to tell stories, each song has its own little independent story and that is our aim. We can send people home after a night with us feeling entertained and like they have got to know us a little bit."

The pair have a busy year ahead of touring, festival appearances and the release of a new album on March 9 which will be followed by a 25-date national tour.

Kathryn says: "We're happy if we can continue playing music and taking music to people. We don't expect people to always come to us, we like to make a point of going to the smaller places and taking the music out to the community - that is a really important thing to us."

Tickets are available from Just The Ticket on 01980 610058 or from Winterbourne Post Office. Some tickets may be available on the door.