A NEW book delves into the stories of courage and endurance of those living through seven conflicts.

Over the Hills and O'er the Main has been written by Romy Wyeth, who was born in Salisbury but now lives in Codford. It is her 14th book.

She said: "This book tells stories of great courage and through seven conflicts and across twenty countries. The action takes place in Asia, Europe, North Africa, the South Atlantic and Scandinavia, as well as the Middle and Far East.

"It takes the reader onto the battlefield, across the sea and into occupied territories. Each of the fourteen chapters focuses on an individual, offering a fascinating insight into a brief period of time when life was precarious and the future uncertain."

Romy says the book began to take shape after she met a deep sea scout at a Peace Light ceremony who had been in the Royal Navy in Korea. He had written about his experience, and Romy helped him edit the text.

Romy says the book went from there and more stories arose from speaking to people she knew and even chance meetings at village events.

She says: "I seem to fall over these things and one thing leads to another.

"My neighbour runs a Ladies Circle group and they had a Dutch lady in the village who was five when war broke out so I got her story and it turns out her husband born in Burma had been at school in England at the time and travelled home in a convoy that was being attacked.

"When the Japanese invaded he and his family moved to India for the duration. His elder brothers ship was sunk by a U Boat so I investigated that and found the sub captain was a U Boat ace and having despatched the ships was chivalrous about helping survivors."

More stories came to light when she met the widow of an army officer who told Rosemary about her father who was a missionary in Morocco when war broke out and was trapped with his family in Vichy France. He joined the British Army as a chaplain and was later awarded an immediate Military Cross on the battlefield in Italy.

The book also includes chapters on one man's experience in Dhofar as well as the story of an RAF man who was involved in the trialling of the bouncing bomb and ended up a prisoner in the Great Escape Camp.

The book is available from Romy at The Old Police Station, Chitterne Road, Codford, BA120PG or by calling 01985 850325. Alternatively, go to Smiths Budgens in New Road, Codford.