SALISBURY Playhouse is building a giant advent calendar for a new musical for pre-school children and their families this Christmas.

Little Robin Redbreast is full of song, magic and surprises from the writers of last year’s musical The Night Before Christmas.

Little Robin Redbreast is the story of little Robin who is very excited about Christmas. To help him count down the days, he is given an advent calendar.

Behind every window is a picture and every picture tells a story. Robin links the pictures together as he goes on a magical quest towards Christmas Day.

Performed on the giant advent calendar, Little Robin Redbreast is a perfect introduction to theatre for young children and their families.

Little Robin Redbreast has been written by Glyn Kerslake and Salisbury Playhouse artistic director Gareth Machin. It is directed by Machin and designed by Toots Butcher. Lighting is by Peter Hunter and the choreographer is Joanne Redman.

Machin said: “We wanted to create a high quality musical experience, with a strong visual image and lots of opportunity for audience interaction. The idea of a young boy counting down the days to Christmas, using a giant advent calendar, struck Glyn and I as a great way of building a festive adventure story.”

Little Robin Redbreast is in The Salberg from Monday, December 11 to Sunday 31. For tickets call 01722 320333. Performances are in the daytime for young families to attend.