SHÔN Dale-Jones is bringing two one-man shows to The Salberg at Salisbury Playhouse this week.

He returns to tour his Fringe First Winning Show, The Duke on Friday.

Shôn said: “I made The Duke back in 2016 because I wanted to find a way of doing something practical about the refugees’ crisis. I couldn’t watch more images of the terrifying reality that these people are suffering without contributing towards the relief effort. I’m not a doctor or an engineer - I’m a writer/performer - and so I decided I could write a show which connects us to the crisis and raises money to support Save The Children’s work. I have been massively inspired by the support offered by theatres, presenters and audiences thus far and I am thrilled to be touring The Duke again and raising money and awareness for Save the Children’s ‘Emergency Fund.”

The next offering is Me and Robin Hood on Saturday. It looks at the inequality that exists in society through Shôn’s relationship with his best fictional friend, the Prince of Thieves himself.