INSPIRED by Richard Dehmel's expressionist poem, Transfigured Night, Schoenberg wrote his tone poem, Verklaerte Nacht, considered by many to be an icon of German late romantic music.

The strings of Sarum Orchestra, pictured, will perform this sublime piece of music as part of their chamber programme which also includes Brahms' Sextet in B flat major, Opus 18 and Imogen Holst's String Quintet.

Daphne Moody, leader of the orchestra, devised the programme.

"The interesting thing about this concert is the different ways the three composers use the sounds of these string instruments. Brahms' Sextet in B flat major Opus 18 and Schoenberg's tone-poem Verklaerte Nacht are both scored for two violins, two violas and two cellos. Brahms writes particularly beautifully for lower strings with the cello introducing many of the melodies; this popular Sextet is full of amazingly rich sounds - thick and luscious textures.

"Schoenberg uses the same instrumentation but achieves an entirely different effect. Verklaerte Nacht is an early work, but remains the most popular and accessible of all his compositions, written at a time when Brahms, Strauss and Wagner were an influence."

Sarum Orchestra's chamber concert is being held next Wednesday at Salisbury Arts Centre.

Tickets are available from the box office.