City Hall

SO often musicians in their 60s can appear to be shadows of their former selves. But Joan Armatrading still has a majestic full vocal range which didn’t disappoint her legion of fans who packed out the City Hall on Saturday.

It is supposed to be 63-year-old Armatrading’s final tour, which meant the performance offered a chance to reflect on a highly successful career.

She shared stories of the time she met Mandela, was awarded an MBE and performed with legendary artistes such as Supertramp and Bob Dylan.

Throughout she maintained a warm relationship with the audience, gently joking and looking completely at ease with what she has achieved over four decades.

I must admit I knew very little about Armatrading before reviewing the show apart from the fact that she is known as being an “album artiste” and has continually failed to crack the singles chart.

It’s true – her best loved track Love and Affection only reached number ten in the UK singles chart, yet it has endured the years beautifully.

I can see myself relaxing to Armatrading to get away from the stresses of life. She has a new fan.

Alex Rennie