NOMINATIONS for this year’s Salisbury Music Awards have been announced and voting is under way.

The event, which takes place at Salisbury Arts Centre on Saturday, October 25, will see Bow Street Revolt, Lyrical Monsoon, Crippled Rook, Miller’s Daughter, Jet Pack, Invicta and Robb Blake all perform. The nominees are as follows: Best female solo performer: Lily McCauley, Naomi Coombes, Isobel Thatcher, Laura Goldthorp, Anna Jones, Sue Hart and Effie.

Best male solo performer: Robb Blake, Luke Hall, Thomas Clements, Matt Britton, Sam McCauley, Luke Marsden, David Waddington, Michael Bosley, Polly, Oli Rose, Peter Robson, Gray Smith and Lucas Hardy.

Best covers band: The Zuchinnis, The Deloreons, Johannasberg, The Strugglers, Break Cover, The DBs, State of Play, From The Ashes, Drop off Zone, Drop the Fish and Second Nature.

Best new band: Faux, Midnight Flyers, Release The Monkey, Carpet, Threads.

Best young band sponsored by Rose Gale Trust: Jenny The Alibi, OAK, Eden Lake, Threads.

Best guitarist: Peter Leonard, Dan Sowerby, Ben Whatsley, James Seago, Darren Blake, Nick Marchant and Chalky White.

Best bassist: Matt Paull, Ruth Jones, Matt Elliott, Andy Narang, Martin Lawler, John Taylor, Rich Abram and Tack Cadogan.

Best drummer: Drew Shipsey, Dan Dibben, Ben Coley, Thor Porter, Andrew Goddard, Colin Watterston, Gary Holton and Wes Bennett.

Best lead singer: Neale Hancock, Russell James, Caroline Presley, Tom Stokes, Colin Holton, Max Macaulay, Neil Dalziel, Gary Clarke and Phil Manning.

Best song: Undeniable by Millers Daughter, Gunga Din by Lump, Itch by Young Brando, Wednesday Man by The Intercepteurs, Big Darn Dirty Word by Stone Donkey Pilots, Addicted by Effie, Backbone by Faux, Arboris Inops by Lily McCauley, Start From Scratch by Naomi Coombes.

Best live act: The Intercepteurs, Stone Donkey Pilots, Lump, Crippled Rook, Dead Trails, Middlenamekill, Lyrical Monsoon, Dreams Divide, Carpet, Newcombe and Roach, Pyeshoppe, Miller’s Daughter, Young Brando, Corridors, Dan Sowerby Band, Jet Pack, Invicta.

You can vote now at register.