CITY Hall Salisbury delivered a thoroughly entertaining night of music and comedy as John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett performed a laugh-a-minute set on Sunday night.

Back together and touring after a fractured working relationship the duo took us on a journey through their vast back catalogue while sending the audience regularly into fits of hysterics.

Barrett worked his way through an interesting variety of instruments ranging from the humble guitar all the way up to the bagpipes.

There were so many highlights I could mention, but I just haven't the space to do so.

The highly-talented Barrett provided hilarious commentary while Otway theatrically belted out his heartfelt ditties. As the show came to a climax with Geneve, Wild Willy showed his disdain for the song by sawing away at his guitar, before hammering and finally stamping on it as Otway delivered his final lyrics.

A real return to form for the duo.

Midnight Flyers suitably warmed up the crowd by playing a range of country and folk numbers while showing their top musicianship by regularly switching between instruments.

A splendid Sunday night was had by all.

Thom Belk