FRESH from releasing her new single Into the Glass, Salisbury-raised singer Laura Doggett will return to south Wiltshire next week to take to the main stage at Larmer Tree.

It is quite a rise for the now Bath-based singer, who moved to the west coast at the age of 16. Her soulful and powerful music has garnered her rave reviews from critics.

However for fans of Broadchurch, Doggett’s voice might be recognised for featuring as part of the soundtrack of the popular ITV show. Snapped up by the mighty RCA record label, whose other artists include Miley Cyrus, Olly Murs, Beyonce and P!nk, she is already tipped for big things in the industry.

The single is out now and Doggett feels it shows a side of her voice fans haven’t seen before.

She said: “I wanted it to be punchy and powerful and for it to show a different side of my voice. It can be quite intense because we had Phoenix which was quite relaxed and Into the Glass shows a much more powerful, punchy side because it is about empowering yourself.

“I want to feel that as an artist I’m not the kind that has a genre and sticks to the same thing but somebody who can experiment and has no rules.”

Growing up in Salisbury she lists the arts centre as one of the places which helped hone her musical talent and added she was “mad” to find out it suffered substantial funding cuts from the council.

“Music is so big in Salisbury,” She continued. “I can remember playing open mic at the arts centre and they really helped me and I would just encourage people to go out and study it.”

Describing Tracy Chapman as an inspiration Doggett speaks of how she hadn’t really been interested in writing music until hearing the American singer-songwriter.

“It was probably Fast Car which really got to me,” Doggett reflected. “It talks about real problems, her dad was an alcoholic, she was poor and how she had to leave school.

“Then I went on to discover people like Kate Bush, whose storytelling is awesome, Imogen Heap, who is really experimentative, just all of these really powerful females.”

It will be Doggett’s first appearance at Larmer Tree and will take to the main stage at 1.45pm on the Saturday of the festival.

She concluded: “I am really excited to come to play in Wiltshire because I have not been back for ages. I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and playing at lovely Larmer Tree.”