Musical Theatre Salisbury’s latest production of The Fully Monty is cheeky, fun and jam-packed with fabulous music.

The Full Monty is currently at Salisbury Playhouse and based on the hit Broadway musical that was inspired by the 1997 British film.

Audiences are transported across the pond to Buffalo, New York where six out of work steel workers take a chance to turn their luck around and make a couple of bucks by forming a male stripper group.

Last night’s production was ladies night and the atmosphere was fantastic with everyone laughing and having a good time. There was a real buzz in the air.

The show had me laughing from start to finish especially the rehearsal scenes. However, the comedy moments are perfectly balanced with more emotional scenes as the characters try and navigate problems in their own personal lives.

The singing was excellent and the song numbers well executed. 

The sets worked really well bringing Buffalo to life on the main stage of Salisbury Playhouse and the clever use of lighting, also adds to the production. 

The talented cast and production team of MTS delivered a fun and laugh out loud production that is definitely worth seeing. 

The Fully Monty is at the Playhouse until tomorrow (Saturday, July 9). For tickets visit: 

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